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Media missionary, digital diva, truth teller, thought-pioneer, influencer, daughter of God...


Hi, I'm Jackie! These are just a few of the words I use to describe myself and my passions to others. I have a list of accomplishments and credentials but all you really need to know about me is I've chosen to spend my life helping others. I felt a call early in life to speak up for those that have no voice. Media has given me the ability to do that for a variety of topics and people groups. I have had the privilege to be an entrepreneur, a television executive, a minister, a social worker, a wife and a mother. But none of the things I've been blessed to do have ever compared to the great honor it is to be a child of God. He is my true passion. My greatest hope is that I can be his voice in your life today. Speaking his heart over you in a way that will awaken you to destiny and propel you into your most authentic and abundant life.                                                                          




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