Boundaries - Living Free

Boundaries - Living Free


What are boundaries?

A boundary is a line of demarcation, that indicates where one thing stops and another begins. It's hard to have boundaries in a blurry co-dependent world. But they are necessary to a healthy, happy and abundant life. 

Can you live without ever having your heart broke again? Yes, you can! Can you take responsibility for your own happiness and future? Yes, you can! Can you live in peace with all people? Yes, you can! 


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In these workshops you will learn how to:

  1. Love the word NO!
  2. Say what you mean, and mean what you say!
  3. Stop chasing what doesn't want you, and start yielding to what does
  4. Stay in peace even in hard relationships
  5. Be a wise manager of your time, energy, and resources
  6. Discern the difference between self-care and selfish
  7. Break free from guilt, "shoulds" and have-to's
  8. Prune relationships, activities and places out of your life that no longer bear healthy fruit and much more! 

All online workshop materials and content are available 24/7 in replay through a private FB group you will be added to upon purchase. You can watch the sessions at your own pace and convenience. Class content contains Christian ideologies and Biblical references. The Heart Work {Shop} is highly suggested as a pre-requiste to this workshop. Not required, but recommended.