I want to be a YES for someone today.
A YES you’re beautiful, YES it’s going to be alright,
YES you can, and YES you are enough!
— Jackie Dorman

Happy Students


I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t leave my house. After taking the Heart Workshop I am able to drive and work again!

Katherine S.

My journey with Jackie started back in the early WOW Women days of 2008. I have grown so much over the years. I love this group of women they have truly changed my life.

Ashley E.

Jackie’s teachings have completely changed my life. I have taken her workshops for over 10 years. She is awesome!

Jennifer B.

My sisterhood, Wow Women! I love you all so much. I don’t know what I would do without these workshops and classes. I am so thankful for my tribe!

Kristin D.

I really struggled with negative thoughts before started listening to The Wake up Call with Jackie. I didn’t see any hope for my future. I now wake up every day excited about my life!

Destiny L.

There is not any force in the world stronger than a woman full of God’s love determined to rise! Thank you Jackie for helping me forgive and let go of my past and exchange my pain for purpose. I am ready to be a world-changer!

Heather T.

When I started listening to Jackie I had just gone through a terrible divorce. I was battling depression and anxiety. I didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed most days. My life is 180 degrees different now and I credit a lot of that to these teachings. Don’t give up! there is a better life for everyone if they really want it I can honestly say i’m the happiest I have ever been!

Terri G.