Welcome to WOW xyz

The history of  WOW: 

Ten Years ago in 2008, Wow started as a little women's bible study to help women take back their power and grow in an understanding of their true beauty and identity as daughters. We had no idea that bible study would turn into a movement of women all over the world that are working together to raise up and awaken an army of women prepared and equipped to fulfill their destinies in God and to transform the culture around them.


The supernatural is natural at WOW which is how it got it's name. We invite the Holy Spirit to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to fix what's broken, to restore what's lost and to heal what's hurting. Your hurt, scars and secrets are welcome here. 

All are Welcome:

 This Community has been designed to provide you with the key relationships that you need to fulfill your highest potential. Oftentimes are deepest wounds were created by broken relationship and they can only be healed within healthy and wholesome relationship. Unfortunately most women's community includes only our peers and we miss out on the wisdom and gifts of people that are different than us. Women that are coming from different backgrounds, different races, different countries and different generations. The name WOW-xyz refers to world changing women in all the generations, x, y and z.

When we all come together it supplies everyone with mentor relationships, peer relationships and daughter relationships. Life is about relationship, and we all belong and play an important part of the magic of  WOW-xyz.


Learn how YOU can become a WOW Woman. Click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WOWxyz/


Weekly Live Events


Group Mentoring Sessions with Jackie & Friends in FB Community


Live or Pre-recorded Truth Talks weekly study in FB Community 


Friday Night LIVE worship events in Select Cities