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In this LIVE workshop, Jackie guides you on a 30-day discovery process that helps you identify and discard the roots of your most chronic heart and life issues.

On the journey you are about to take, Jackie will coach you through the roadblocks so you can gain the practical and spiritual tools to achieve your most incredible life.

What are you going to get?

The Heart Work LIVE Videos (4)

Four LIVE sessions with Jackie covering the full Heart Work protocol developed over 10 years ministering to women. Including the E-book FREE!
VALUE - $997

Heart Check-ins (4)

Four LIVE informal sessions in which Jackie will respond to your Homework with practical applications to Heart Work, and walk you through activations that create breakthrough.
VALUE - $297

One-on-One VideoAsk (1)

Your opportunity to get direct feedback on ONE most pressing question or issue, interacting with Jackie directly via VideoAsk.
VALUE - $197

Weekly Group Prayer Call (4)

Four LIVE sessions of focused prayer surrounding your Heart Work progress.
VALUE - Priceless

The Top 10 Results of Doing The Heart Work

  • Let go of the past
  • Recognize set marks, hindrances and triggers
  • Disengage from abusive and addictive personalities, and habits
  • Process, forgive and release hurts, failures and trauma
  • Disconnect from false expectations, beliefs and identities
  • Be present and powerful
  • Cultivate peace, joy and gratitude
  • Resurrect childhood dreams, gifts and talents
  • Pursue purpose, passion and presence
  • Live a free and abundant life

What's included?

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2020 Ebook The Heart Work.pdf
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Heart WorkSheets
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my perceptions vs gods_m12m.pdf
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cycle of illumination_m12m.pdf
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hearing holy spirit_m12m.pdf
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common defense mechanisms_m12m.pdf
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