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Empowering people all over the world to do their Heart Work…

Jackie is an advocate, author and dynamic speaker. She is best known for her passionate dedication to helping people through online media, workshops, conferences, non profits and ministry work.

In her media career, she led an Emmy award winning Television studio, produced an international film and art festival, and was the visionary of the award winning brand

As a speaker, Jackie addresses difficult subjects with warmth, depth and transparency. Her humorous, no-nonsense speaking style is enjoyed by audiences of all ages that she equips with the spiritual and practical tools to live fulfilled and world changing lives.

Jackie believes that her highest honor is being a daughter of God, and modeling This identity and relationship is her most significant purpose. she desires to be a supernatural voice in people’s lives to Speak God's heart over them in a way that awakens their greatest potential.

When she’s not out helping awaken and heal hearts you can find Jackie traveling, listening to classic rock with the windows down, enjoying a good food truck, and living and loving life with her family in Austin, Texas.

What influencers have said about Jackie:

“Jackie Dorman has the energy of a hummingbird in a meth lab, she’s mesmerizing, and you leave her presence feeling as if you just witnessed something rare and extraordinary.” - 614 Magazine

“She’s a very funny lady.” - Steve Harvey

Jackie is a catalytic thought leader, an anointed speaker with revelation for days, a family woman, a good friend...but what I love most is she is a friend of the Holy Spirit. - Jim Baker, Author, “How Heaven Invades your Finances.”

Jackie Dorman is a master teacher of the Heart Work. Moving her students out of the pain of the past and beyond mediocrity. Her powerful guidance catapults her students, filled with faith and restored confidence, onto their own divine path. - Jo Davis, Author, Public Speaker, & Founder at "Lift A Sister UP"

Jackie is one of the most forward thinking emerging leaders of our generation. A true thought pioneer! - Bryant McGill, Author, “Simple Reminders”